Winter Solstice

The Winter has come. There are lots of different feats on different holidays while the Earth goes round the Sun. In Summer we are celebrating the longest daytime / shortest night with fires, dancing and superstitions; now this is time for celebrating the opposite: the shortest daytime / longest night, also with fires, waiting for the Light to arise, to reborn.

At Spring we work on preparing the Earth for planting, Summer is the time for harvest, then at Autumn we close everything, prepare ourselves for the long dark and cold Winter. At Winter we do not have field-works, we can sit down next to the warme fireplaces around with the ones we love. It is time for reconsidering the last year, closing the past with every fears and pains, forgiving, relaxing and moving on. Sometimes we only should sit and wait, pray and accept.

I wish you all would find the peace and the power of forgiveness inside yourself, the strength for moving on. I wish you all merry and peaceful Winter-Holiday!



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